Rat King Zine

I was suppose to table at a local zine festival the beginning of Aprils, but do to the STATE of the world it has been cancelled. I had brainstormed up a whole bunch of new zines that I wanted to make and since the idea is the hardest part, I decided to make them anyways! So prepare yourself for a lot of up coming zine posts. This is a zine that I made about rat kings! The idea for this zine came from the term "rat king" popping up and after a google search spending the evening down the rabbit hole reading about the spooky phenomenon that is the rat king. After my night of research I was plagued with nightmares. ( I only have myself to blame honestly!) So in attempt to overcome my fears I started to use art as therapy and just started drawing rats and rat kings. Surprisingly it worked and this zine was born! Near the end of creating this zine I started to really enjoy the idea of rats and it became something I started to endear. Kind of crazy how the world works sometimes! 

As always email me (remikeahi@gmail.com) if you'd like some zines, or if you'd like to trade! I LOVE a good trade! If you'd like to see a quick flip through you can do so on my instagram HERE

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