Free Printables! Coloring Pages + Mini Zine

I have seen so many illustrators make free coloring sheets and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy! I was compiling a bunch of them when Zoei suggested that I make my own! I'm not sure why I didn't think of it, but after her suggestion of creating a dinosaur one it seemed like a good idea. THEN I was kinda into this idea of making some free downloadable printable projects! Since everyone is stuck at home it seems like the perfect thing to toss into the world for anyone that wanted a cute project. The second project I created is a Quarantine Zine. Its a mini one page printable zine that has little spots to fill out. The idea I had for this is to fill out to send to my pen pals and a blank one for them to fill out! I really enjoyed the way this turned out and I think my pen pals will get a kick out of it. I hope to create another one of these once I can think of a clever idea!

You can find all of these in my dropbox HERE!
If you need help figuring out how to fold this mini zine I've found THIS to be helpful, but there are also a lot of youtube examples out there! Just search one page mini zine folding. 

What other kinds of coloring sheets or printable zines would you like to see?

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