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Welp the bad news of this post is that I'm yet another book behind of reaching my goal of 24 books this year. The good news is I did read ONE book last month so I'm at least making a little bit of progress! Last months book was Well Met by Jen DeLuca. This is an adorable romcom book (no surprise there) I read it in one night because it was so cute and I couldn't sleep. (This quarantine life has got my sleeping all kinds of messed up!) This book is about a gal, Emily that moves to a small town to help her sister recover from a car accident and ends up being a taxi for her teenage niece. She gets roped into taking part in the renaissance fair as a tavern wench. In true romcom fashion she ends up falling for an english teacher that she once butted heads with. Was this book predictable? Yes. Do I care? No way, I want to read another please! Now more than ever I'm looking for moments to just escape into a more predictable world. I didn't understand this about the romcom genre and how it provides an escape but I clearly understand it now. The world is like its never been before and cute things make it feel less scary.

Let's hope I buckle down and read more this month! 

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