Strange Days + Window Lettering

I was working in my art journal the other day and kept finding myself at a loss of words. I'm still not sure how to describe what is happening with the world or how I'm feeling about it ALL. It is easy these days to be sad and anxious. I think people everywhere are feeling anxiety and those of us that are already prone to being anxious are dealing with processing a whole new type of anxiety. I do seek some comfort that we are all working on how to deal with the state of T H I N G S. I hope we see more communities coming together. More people leading with empathy and compassion. These days that feel hopeless we're taking time to do cute projects. Zoei bought some window markers and lettered some cuteness on our house. There is something wonderful about sitting outside in the sunshiny cool breeze that just for a moment felt like everything was going to be ok. Now is definitely the time to take a moment to indulge in cute projects that nurture your soul and make things feel a bit better. I'm so grateful for all my loves carrying each other though this time. At the end of the day we are all in this together. 

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