We're 29!

I was suppose to write the post a while ago. Our birthday was last Thursday. Honestly I've been processing it all. When I was younger I always thought that people didn't like their birthdays as they got older because they didn't want to get old. Now I'm realizing its because its just another way to mark the passing of time. Another reminder that there is so much to do! So much to see and accomplish and life is moving so fast. We ended up having a picnic and some roasted marshmallows. I'm so grateful that I got to spend my day with my amazing housemates, that take very good care of me! I truly believe that I was meant to navigate this world with a twin. I know there is no way that I'd have the life and encouragement that I have with out her! Every year on our birthday we take a selfie together. I think when we're older we're going to be glad we did!

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