Games: Little Miss Fourtune

I haven't ever really blogged about games before! Mostly because I'm not a huge gamer. Once in a while I'll come across a game that is too beautiful or cute to pass up. The game Little Misfortune is one that is WAY too cute I couldn't help myself. It turned out to be a bit spooky-sad but balanced it well with cuteness. This game is cool because its one that you can play multiple times because depending on how you respond dictates what happens next. I've only played though it twice and both times were very different. Actually getting though to the end doesn't take too long. I can see that annoying some people but I liked the shortness. I have a couple of other cute games on my list that I think I'll give them a go one of these stay-at-home afternoons!
The vastness of the gaming world is so huge that its easy for me to not fall down the rabbit hole because I get overwhelmed easily. I find as I'm spending more time at home the more time I have to explore things like games,  projects and yes even books (even though I'm not exploring them enough!) All this home time has me exploring more things than I thought it would!

Are you a gamer? What kinda cute puzzle games would you recommend?

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