Home Hair Cut!

Last week Zoei cut my hair! I had been planning to get a hair cut the end of March, but then everything shut down. THEN I kept seeing videos and tips on how to cut your own hair at home. So Zoei and I decided to give it ago. Honestly I wasn't that nervous. Zoei usually cuts my bangs for me and shaves my undercut (which I'm now growing out!) She's surprisingly good at cutting hair! Probably because she is a very, very patient person. We didn't chop a whole lot off, but just enough that it doesn't strangle me while I'm sleeping and dead split ends don't flop off every time I brush my hair. It feels SO. MUCH. better! Afterwards I dyed it with some henna, but this picture is before then. (Hence you can see the grey hairs in my bangs!) I use THIS brand to dye my hair. Its super affordable and has great results, although a little time consuming but I've got a lot of time these days.

My advice is if you want to do, grab a buddy and DO IT! Its only hair, you'll have a fun afternoon and who knows it might turn out super cute! 

This is the video I found to be the most helpful!

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