Lovely Things: Yellow!

In such a crazy unprecedented time I'm clinging onto lovely things that fill me with warmth and hope. That happens to mostly be the color yellow these days. I have a large comfy yellow sweater that is my favorite. I've spent that last few days sleeping and working bundled up in yellow ready to face what the state of the world is throwing at all us beings. I suppose now is the time for warm sunshiny things! Here are my current yellow favorites. 
I have way too many little pouches and bags, but I L O V E them all! I love this cute skull one by The Dainty Squid. The craftsmanship on all her products looks amazing!
Spring in Utah is always a mixed bag of sunshine and snow, YES snow! I love a good golden-milk but haven't ever been able to make it taste good at home. Now might be the time to test out recipes. This one by Hello Glow looks pretty simple!
Yellow isn't my color but I still wear it anyways. This tee by Hiller Goodspeed speaks to my soul!
 Now that we own a kitchen table I'm always on the look out for cute napkins and table runners. These hand stamped napkins by Julie Peach will look amazing on any table! 
I don't think you can have too many notepads can you? This one by Word of Word Factory is witty and cute!
I've had this recipes for rosemary-lemonade by A Beautiful Mess bookmarked for AGES. I'm not a lemonade fan, but I do love lemons and I L O V E rosemary! Hopefully it'll be warm enough soon to drink lemonade out side. Well I suppose that is if there is sugar and lemons as the store! 

I hope you're all safe and healthy!

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