Bat Illustration!

I donated one of my bat zines for an auction thats being hosted on instagram. I decided to make a little gouache bat illustration to go with it! I'm really pleased with myself how this little illustration turned out. This bat zine is one that I've made ages ago and is one of my all time favorite creations. This format for a zine is so cool and I love seeing people when they open it for the first time. Unfortunately folding this zine is a HUGE pain in the bum. When I first made these I got so frustrated I had Zoei help me finish them. She's always good at technical things and they took a lot of measuring to get the folds correct. So I won't be making these kinda zines any time soon.
I'm really enjoying gouache lately. I've been using colored pencils to add little accents. I'm over the moon about how the combo looks! Its so much fun to draw on gouache, its so smooth! I'm trying my best to be more confident in my illustration skills. Participating in things like this auction and zine submissions really help with that a ton.

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