Lovely Things: Videos

I was digging though my bookmarks and found a bunch of videos that saved to share with all of you! They are all kinda random and I think the only common factor is that they are videos. I hope theres at least of of these that you find interesting! 

This videos isn't helping my want for a mini key board! I'd love to get into electronic music making. Anyone know where to start?
Probably one of the saddest Conor Oberst songs, but like all Oberst songs its soooooooo good. 
Amazing cover! I love when reggae bands do covers! I also LOVE Vampire Weekend! Double win!
I'm a wee bit obsessed with this artistic couple! You can read more about them HERE. They are adorable and talented! 
Last but not least this random free style video. Random fact I kinda really like Childish Gambino. Hip hop is one of those guilty pleasures of mine. I rarely admit to it cause my knowledge is slim and I take great pride in my music knowledge and opinion. Anyways, its outrageously fantastic! 

Hope your week is off to a good start! 

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