Don't Forget!

This weeks piece of advice! I'm such a worry wart. To the point where I make myself sick most of the time over nothing. Crazy you say? Why yes... it is crazy. I came across this and realized that it was right! I worry and worry and that thing I'm worrying might happen, never happens! Even on the rare chance it does happen it all turns out just peachy keen. BUT next time, I'll worry and worry some more. SO my challenge for you today is to not worry. Don't even think about it. Let the universe run is course. Embrace it. Be a part of it and worry about it tomorrow. You can't stop over thinking things. Our brains are just like that, the stubborn beasts! But I do believe for one day you can reason with your brain and let it go. Whatever "it" may be. So try it! Soak up some sun, listen to your favorite song, dance in you undies, let the dishes stay in the sink, kiss your babies on the cheek! (You see my point!) 

I hope you all have a sunshine filled weekend! 

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