Desk Findings: Peach!

This morning I was looking at my massive pile of letter writing stuffs and half projects and found that it it looked quite pretty! I wanted to share a few neat things that I found!
-Letter Writing Pad: I love when things are pen pal themed! It's simple and will match any envelope!
-Poor Remy Sticker: I'm obsessed with this band Poor Remy. I first just liked their name but now I really like there tunes. Of course I had to buy a tee shirt and it came with a peachy sticker! 
-New Pencil: I got this really cool looking pencil in my Art Snacks box last month. I haven't got the change to use it yet, but I just love the way it looks. 
-Washi Tape: I've gotten quite the little collection of washi tape! Its so useful and I just got some floral and polka dot tapes! Washi tape is the best when its on sale. 
-Heart Brooch: I made a bunch of these hearts out of air dry clay. So I thought I'd make some brooches out of them! Although that was a week ago. ha. I still need to go find a spray to finish it so its wearable.
-Postcard: I got this lovely florally peachy post card from my pen pal. I just love the colors so much. I think its one of my favorites. 

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