Weekend Adventures!

I started my weekend off with a concert on Thursday night! My mom got us tickets to the Soulshine Tour. Which had a ton of amazing bands! It was so fun surrounded by some of my favorite people! I put together a little playlist for you of my favorite songs from all the artist we saw. 

The fourth of july! I'll admit totally not my holiday. I'm not sure why. Just seems like each year it never goes quite how I wanted or expected. This year was waking up with killer cramps. Blah. Despite my lady pains I still ventured down to my parents for roasted marshmallows and some good food! My plan was to take some photos of the fireworks, but the realized that I'm terrified of them. Its hard to take photos with your finger shoved in your ears and jumping after each one goes off! So yeah now you know why I'm lacking in photos! 
This year was nice cause our weekend wasn't wasted by a holiday! So on Saturday I made some cinnamon buns! I made THIS recipe! It was really good except it made kind of a ton. I didn't realize how much 24 HUGE rolls were going to be! It turned out well cause we took some down to my my parents that evening. Overall kinda lot of work but very, very yummy! 

So there you have it. My somewhat successful weekend! Filled with fire, baking and good tunes. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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