Animal Dish!

I bought this container of air dry clay a while a go for some project or another. For easter I found THIS tutorial on how to make little bowls. I figured I'd do a panda version for Zoei so she had a place to keep all her paper clippies at work! I tried to follow the instructions but it kept getting this weird bubble in it. I thought maybe my bowl was too deep or something. Anyways, I kinda just winged it! I think it turned out pretty well. It has a "homemade crafty" feel to it. I think Zoei liked it so thats all that matters really! Oh and it didn't fall apart or crack (yet)! Overall I'll call it a success! I've a few more ideas to use my air clay with, so hopefully I can share some of those later!

 The ears turned out a bit rough!
 I was going to try and do a better panda face but my painting skills aren't too advanced and I didn't want to mess it up! 
 I was kinda jealous of Zoei's dish and wanted one for myself! So I made myself a bunny dish! 

Its a little lopsided but I kinda like it! 

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  1. I love those. You should sell them at craft fairs.