Lovely Things: BOOKS!

I'm the worst at not finishing books that I've started. I was thinking about looking for a new book when I realized I should probably finish one of the five I have started. So instead I put together some book findings! I mean, who doesn't love books? I never trust people who don't like to read! 
Cute book necklace! I'd love one of these with the book Franny and Zooey! Find it HERE
 Libraries are always an adventure! Image found HERE!
For all those book lovers with massive collections this stamp is a must! What a good way to mark all your books! Find it HERE
Mini books! Found HERE!
Of course you need books ends to keep all your books in order! These fox ones are amazingly perfect! Find it HERE
Tired of reading? Write your own book! This minty one would be perfect! Find it HERE!
Last but not least! If you love books you must wear a mini one around on your sweater to show the world!! Find it HERE

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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