Recent Doodles and Mail!

Incase you don't follow me on instagram, I wanted to share some doodles on some outgoing mail! I felt like I was pretty successful getting caught up on some of my mail this weekend. Then I realized that I only got 2 letters written! BUT those two letters did have some amazing doodles in them. So not a total waste of a weekend. 
I love this little character I invented this weekend! I need to work on developing him a little more an give him a name or something! 
His little socks crack me up! 
One of my new favorite songs is Killers by Ruby the Rabbitfoot. I had this song on the brain while I was drawing a post card-ish thing. Her hair got a little funky so it wasn't too heartbreaking sending this one off. I'll have to re-do it and get the hair right. 
Out going mail! This is one of the 2 letters I sent. I forgot to snap a picture of the other one. I forgot how fun and messy it is to make collages! I should do them more often.

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