June Accomplishments + Doodle!

Phew! The summer is just flying by! I like to think that June was pretty good to me over all. I didn't get to send that much mail. Which now means I have a lot to catch up on! I went on a amazing date with an amazing guy! I'm sure I'll share more about that one of these days. I also wrote a new cheesy song on the ukulele! Although I'm not brave enough to record myself singing. I figured I could share the silly lyrics with you! 

"Little birdy come sing me a song. But don't you poop on my car. 
Tiny flower, bee inside. Let me pick you and watch you die. 
The sun is shining all day. Pretty soon it'll go away. 

Hairy spider with pretty webs. Don't come near me or you'll be dead. 
Little wormy, you are gross. But you love the earth the most. 
The sun keeps shining all day. Pretty soon it will be late. "

Last but not least! I got my anxiety under control. I had a few meltdowns that were really embarrassing. Also multiple times that I was about ready to crawl into my bed and stay there for a few years. BUT I think I got it all out of my system and am continuing on a better path! 
This months doodle is from my art journal! OH and I can add to my list I got a wisdom tooth removed! It was (and still is) ouchy and sore! BUT I'm glad to say that I survived. Also I'm proud of myself for keeping up on taking my antibiotics! Even though I hate HATE swallowing pills! I'm glad that I just got one pulled and not all four! I keep hearing awful stories about getting them out. I'm very happy to report that my dentist is awesome! 

Phew! I thinks that's about it! Yay July! 

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