List of Thoughts as of Late!

1. I kinda really love the color mint green. Maybe even too much?
2. Can you love a color too much?
3. I've been trying to be more positive these days. Seems to be working out ok so far. 
4. Why am I so sleepy these days? Probably need more exercise. 
5. I despise exercise and can't seem to stick with it! 
6. I feel like I wanna create something but I'm being lazy. 
7. Life keeps throwing me through loops. Which is giving me an excuse to be lazy and sleep too much. 
8. My grandpa is coming to visit for a couple weeks. I'm oddly excited about it. 
9. I've a wart on my finger that is driving me crazy and is actually really gross. 
10. I've been crazing roasted marshmallows! Hopefully this weekend I can convince my family to do a fire and make some s'mores! 

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