Lovely Things: Bees!

I have this weird obsession with bees. It all started when I had really bad anxiety and I found reading about bees helped me relax and focus on something that interested me. So thus the obsession begun! I just love the fuzzy little ladies! HERES some fun facts about bees! I've always wanted to be a bee keeper, but I've a feeling it would get creeped about. Plus probably couldn't handle all the bee stings! BUT some day when I have my farm and my farmer boy, I'll make him handle the bees! Anyways, heres some bee findings! 
What a cute little fuzzy guy! Found HERE
Bee tattoo! I'm pretty serious that I'm going to get one of these! Although I'd like it to be a little less scary and more cute! Found HERE!
Some art from one of my favorite illustrators Emily Martin. See her shop HERE!
Cute little guy working hard! Found HERE
I've been on the quest for some sweater clips for quite some time. I think I need to settle on these ones! Although I'm not sure how well I can pull off gold! Found in THIS shop! 
 BEE FLIES! How adorable are these! You can read more about there bizarreness HERE!
Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem. I think people forget that. I think we also forget that with urbanization bees are starting to disappear! So here is a list of bee friendly plants to plant! Found HERE! You can also go HERE to read more about the decline of bees and go THERE to read about the importance of bees! 
I wish I didn't have fat fingers so I could pull off cute rings! Found in THIS shop! 

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