Desk Findings: Birds and Bows!

My desk AKA the kitchen table where I've plopped myself, is still incredibly messy. Here are a few things that I have pick out to share with you! Although doing these kinda posts are making me feel a bit like a hoarder. I just realized I have some pretty neat stuff laying around!
- Floral Hair Bow: I snagged this little gem from a craft fair a little bit ago. Its one of my favorites!
-Tazo Green Tea: I'm a bit of a pack rat and save all my little tea envelopes. They're really good storing and sending confetti to my pen pals!
-Little Note Pad: I got this little guy from jet pens. I love it cause it refillable. So I never feel bad about using up all the pages cause I can always refill it!
-Ceramic Cutter Pen: I got this pen to use for collages on the go! Cause it has a cute little pen design. I really like it cause I can keep it in my pen bag and don't have to worry about cutting my fingers or anything. Its like craft knife to go!
- Collage Bits: I got a packet of birds a while ago for collages. Lately I've just been sticking them to envelopes to make them pretty.
-Postcard: One of my pen pals is always sending me quote and inspirational messages! I just adore them! I love this quote that says, "What's the meaning of it all? Seems tome nobody's got a clue. "-Jim Morrison.

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