Little booklet letters!

I'm finally getting around to responding to all the fantastic mail I got when I was moving. I've taken my time with these letters, mostly because the longer it takes me to respond the more special I want it to be. I've been making these lil booklets to write letters in. I bought a long arm stapler to make my zines and now I am finding so many uses for it. (Not a lot of uses, just making little booklets) But I like the way it looks and think its kinda fun and different  I've been wanting to do a notebook swap with one of my pen pals, to pass the notebook back and forth writing entries for the other person to read. Still haven't found someone that would be a good candidate, but something that I definitely want to do.

Theses are a great way to use up old scraps of paper! You know that awkward half sheet of paper that you don't want to throw away, but just has been taking up space on your desk? Theses papers are excellent for making little booklets!

Plus if you need more space to write you can always add an extra page!

I always have to add extra pages to include some creepy doodles! 

I had such a successful mail weekend! Although I only wrote 3 letters they were 3 oober long letters! So it feels justifiable and I still feel really productive! 

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