200th Post!

Woohoo! This is my 200th post! I started this blog at the beginning of the year as one of my resolutions to be more creative and write more. I must say I'm really proud of myself, because I normally never stick to anything! But I've found that I really do love my lil' blog that I've built here. Now that we're past half way though the year its fun to look back and see the way I've changed. Even without noticing it! I'm not sure if I'm getting better at it, but I'm still having fun and that's the biggest thing right?! 

Now, I'm not sure very many people actually read my blog. I've gotten better at commenting on others that I do read and started doing some ad spots and overall just taking part in the wonderful blogging community. I use to get kinda bummed thinking kinda what's the point? No one reads it anyways. But I've found that it really should be a personal thing that I get personal satisfaction out of it and if someone else thinks its neat then thats peachy keen, but having can't be the reason why I blog. I am getting better and building my blog by participating in link ups and getting better at social media junk. I'll admit I do get discouraged when I read someones blog that's only been doing it for 3 months and they have 20 comments on every post. But I'm getting there! Slow and steady! I'm starting to find my place on the interweb! 

Hope you all a peachy keen day! 
P.S. Don't mind the horrible quality of my sketches, I've yet to set up my scanner. On the bright side, that bear is adorable! 

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