My mollusk obsession continues.

I'm not sure what it is but snails have had my mind captivated for the list little bit. I've been meaning to work on a new zine but I've been kinda lazy. I like to include a random lil story in each of my zines. This is normally fairly hard for me because I'm not the best of writers. But the other night I couldn't sleep and there was a snail crawling on my window, so I wrote this story.

T. Island

A Story About Harold. 

There once was lived a mollusk. More specifically a baby mollusk. But not just any kind of mollusk this little baby was a snail. His name was Harold. Little baby Harold loved water and one day found himself floating in the middle of a lake. Now Harold didn't know how to swim, or float for that matter of fact. But being the crafty mollusk that he is, he made a boat. A special kind of boat made out of crackers. Now as much as Harold loved the lake he also adored crackers. In fact crackers are his favorite food. As he floated around the lake he found himself becoming exceedingly hungry. Being a self indulgent little baby mollusk, he began to feast on his boat. Quickly Harold discovered he had eaten too much of his boat and it began to sink. Harold slowly sank towards the bottom of the lake that he loved so much with his belly full of his favorite food. As he hit the bottom Harold was the most content little baby mollusk that ever existed. 

The end.

(Could use a little work and some illustrations. Imma working on it.)

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