I've been trying so hard these days to makes sure to take lots of pictures. Mostly because I hardly take photos of happenings and random family weekend stuff. Now that Zoei and I have moved out I think its kinda important to take photos and get together with our family. Ok, ok so maybe our family is freakishly close. But I kinda like it that way.

I'm still really awkward at asking people if I can take there picture, so mostly its just photos of Zoei and her dog. OH, but my lovely niece LC is in this one! 

Shu-Tzi is such a good lil'puppy! We tossed her in the pool today to test her swimming skills and she did awesome! I guess its just natural instinct for dogs, but she didn't look like she was going to do it at first! Anyways, its was cute puppy shenanigans. 

Swimming and s'mores! What a perfect evening. AND I might add that Zoei and I successfully started our own fire! Which is surprisingly hard to do. The fire kinda died because we weren't watching it as we ate our marshmallows, but never fear Grandpa saved it. He made it look so easy too! I guess we just need to practice more. I think this calls for a CAMPING TRIP! I'm hoping that if I bug everyone enough someone will take me and plan it and do all the hard stuff. OR I could just plan it, who knows what will happen.  

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