Weekly Wishes #3

The Nectar Collective

Woo! Yet another week and so it goes! I've come to enjoy these weekly wishes quite a bit. I'm actually sticking to them too! Which is kinda amazing since I'm so flaky its embarrassing. (Probably something I should work on) But hey, these goals have been tons of fun and I love hearing about other peoples wishes. Melyssa created something wonderful over at The Nectar Collective! 

Last weeks goals!

1) Read more! I was oh so very successful on reaching this goal. Maybe a little two successful, I found myself passing up doing the laundry and dishes to just be lazy and read. So I guess I really should find a balance. On the bright side Looking for Alaska by John Green is an AWESOME book! Although I'm a slow reader and haven't finished it yet!

2) Floss my teeth! I started off really good on this one. Although by Thursday I found myself forgetting and being a bit lazy. I wouldn't remember that I was going to floss until I had already crawled into bed. I mean, do you get out of bed to floss?? Yeah, didn't think so. I am becoming more consistent flossing in the mornings though. So hopefully I can turn that into a habit!

Overall, not a bad week! Goals for this week!

1) Draw more! I love doodling and drawing. The problem is I hardly ever find the time. By the time I get home from work I'm all goobery and tired. So I just opt out and veg infront of my computer or the TV. So I need to start making some time in the day for doodles! A drawing a day seems do-able, right?

2) Finish unpacking! I know, I've lived in our new lil house for about a month now and I'm still living outta boxes. I'm just so indecisive about where I want to put things. I just need to do it! I'm tired of digging though boxes. I also need to make my room more homey. It feels like a creepy basement right now. Which is reasonable, because thats what it is. But this week I want to put up some art, get some curtains and make it feel more like a place I want to be!

Its starting to look like I just need more hours in the day! Don't forget to check out other people's weekly wishes and spread some love and encouragement!! Hope you all have a successful week!

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