List of Thoughts.

I like making lists. This doesn't mean that I hardly ever complete the things on my list. But its nice to just write it down sometimes and organize my thoughts.

After storm

List of thoughts as of late:
1) How do you tell someone they smell bad, without being rude?
2) Is it ok to just be rude sometimes?
3) Need to drink more water before my body starts to hate me.
4) Stop being lazy and be more creative.
5) Having to think of what to make for dinner each night is not an easy task.
6) Read more you lazy bum, I know you like it!
7) Still looking for that extremely brave moment to make something momentous happen.
8) Need to take more photos and use my cameras more.
9) Maybe I should DO more and make less lists.
10) Am I too nice? I think people might be walking all over me. sigh.

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