Pele Halloween Costume!

Halloween is so not my holiday. Ever since I was little it was just a whole day of anxiety. Crazy I know, I guess I was a strange little girl. Besides that as I've grown older, its just not something I enjoy. Although I do find myself dressing up each year and meandering to my sisters. I still get anxiety about not have a "cool" or unique costume. Lame I know. Self confidence was never my strong suit!

Anyways after being hell bent that I wasn't going to dress up and amongst trying to find a costume idea for Zoei. I came across THIS website! I mean a whole site based on famous historical women! Sign me up! At first I wanted to be Lizzie Borden, but realized it was too late to order victorian style clothes. Then I came across Pele the hawaiian volcano goddess. I remember reading about her and everyone saying myths about her whenever we visit the Volcanos National park. So its decided I would be Pele for Halloween. 

So far I just have a bunch of red fabric and a black skirt that I'm gonna try to make into something. Also made a haku (head lei) out of some cheesy fake flowers. I was quite surprised that 2 years of high school floral design classes paid off! I know its cutting it close to try and make it work, but wish me luck! I really need to start on these projects earlier! Looks like I'm pulling an all nighter! 

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