Don't Think Twice It's Alright

I'm a huge Bob Dylan fan and I'm recently obsessed with this song specifically. I'm not sure why. I'm always on the look out for pick me up songs. (Bob Marly's Everything Little Thing is my number one go to) But this is a pretty good one. On top of it all I found the ukulele chords! So now I can play it and sing this sickly sweet song to myself! Ok....that sounds kinda strange. But you know what I mean!

I'm taking this song like a challenge! Cause lets face it, theres no way that I'm gonna sound like Dylan. EVER. So I've got to make it my own! Which is kinda exciting! It's like playing any Tom Waits song, so much fun be never sounds like the original. This girly does a pretty damn good job and making it her own! Although I'll be honest her voice gets kinda annoying after a little bit. But still...kudos Sophie Madeline!

Anyways, you can find the chords HERE!  I'm totally geeking out of the ukulele lately. I guess worse things could happen! 

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