Collage Mail!

Remember a little bit ago I did THIS post and I said I was working on colleges. Well I got out the modpodge last night and made these two lovely envelopes! I'm awfully proud of these two! I'm trying to find more papers and stuff to use, so far I just use what pen pals have sent me. So now i'm on the quest for some neat clippings!

Again with the crappy photos, oopsy. I really need to work on a better photographing system. Like, I should probably get my lighting under control so I don't have to edit them so much. Anyways, I'm still super proud of myself! Also has anyone else noticed how bad mod podge smells?

As always if you'd like a lovely letter in the mail you can go HERE or if you want to write first email me at and I'll give you my address! 

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