Collage Mail #2!

I actually got a TON done this weekend! I got half of my costume done and lots of mail responded too AND I started on my giant postcard puzzle letter! I thought I'd share a few of my collage mail art-ness. I bought some collage bits off of Etsy, HERE and THERE Overall I think I'm making some cool stuff, practice makes perfect, right?

Oh, I also made my own envelopes out of paper bags! Whenever I get asked paper or plastic, I always go paper even though the bagger boys roll their eyes at me! But I always have a use for a paper bag! I've found that paper bag envelopes are quite sturdy, easy to fold and glue and you can make them any size you want! The thick paper bag was good for these cause I coated the little paper bits in modgepodge so they wouldn't get ripped off in the post. That stuff can make paper a bit wrinkly sometimes, but the thick paper bag was perfect to prevent wrinkles! 

Last but not least! If you'd like some mail you can go HERE and give me some information and I'll send you some mail art! OR, you can email me at! 


  1. A couple of years ago I got from the Chester Beatty Library shop a paper bag made out of an Indian newspaper. I still have it. I have no idea what it says but I find those alphabet letters so decorative! Here is the web address of the museum. It has such a great collection!

    1. That museum looks amazing! I love cool papery finds!