Lovely Things: Fall!

Fall is officially amongst us! Fall is my favorite season, but it always goes so fast! Before we know
it, its gonna be christmas! But, before time escapes here are some of my favorite fall-ish things!

One thing I am missing about Provo is living so close to the river trail. Which is awesome in the fall! guess I need to find a new trail to walk on around here! (Photo found here!)

Apple cider donuts! Fall is the perfect time to eat all the comforting, cinnamony food you can get your hands on. I saw this recipe over at Apt. 2B Baking Co. and now I need to convince Zoei to make these for me!

Parlor Hawk is one of my favorite local bands. I'm just in love with this song! It always reminds me of fall and bike rides. Oh and this one time me and Zo went to an all day outdoor festival of local bands in the fall. Some of the best memories ever were made that day! Anyways, this is my go to fall song.

Fall clothes! I've already ranted on about how much comfy, cozy it is to dress in the fall. Definitely more my style then shorts and tanks. I get this odd boost of confidence in my scarfs and sweaters, strange I know.

Bees Knees Leggings! by Black Bird Tees Leggings are a must in the fall! I'm especially smitten over these because i've a recent obsession with bees. Although a little out of my price range, I think its worth it to bust the bank for these! 

Soak up the fall-ness! Oh man now I'm craving some pumpkin cookies! 

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  1. Enjoy the season. The first picture is just so enchanting.