Out Going Mail!

Few letters I finished during the week. I still have a ton to respond to, like always. But I'm hoping that I can tackle a bunch this weekend if I don't get too lazy. I found my box of scrap/magazine clippings that got lost in the move, so my mail has seen an influx of collage-ness. Which is kinda fun, collages haven't always been my best skill, but practice makes perfect right? 

P.S. Sorry for my crappy photos. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. 


  1. These are gorgeous! Is there anyway I can send you a letter? :)

    1. Sure! You can email me and I'll send you my address (remikeahi@gmail.com) OR go to (www.postable.com/remigermaine) and I'll send you a letter and include my address so you can write back!