Song and a Doodle #16

A new favorite bandcamp finding for me is Strawberry Runners! At first listen I thought they didn't sound too special. Until I heard this song and my mind changed forever. I realized that they have some of the cutest, wittiest lyrics ever. I've been listening to them all weekend and I'm completely head over heels! 

I wish that you were here lying next to me.
Talking in circles, Bed sheets like quicksand. 
Scramble to firm land, Shadows from our hands 
I’ll make the big band, You make the bears dance

So listen,  listen! If you love this song you'll love the rest of there stuff. Promise! So much music so little time!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! So glad I stumbled across your blog. This is all amazing, beautiful, wonderful, fantasmic. Thank you! Off to listen to the song now :)