Snail Mail Collective.

I was lucky enough to get to part take in the Snail Mail Collective over at Melyssa's blog The Nectar Collective. I'm such a huge snail mail nerd that this seemed way up my ally. I've done a couple of swaps though blogs before but NONE of them turned out well and my partners were poopers. BUT I was paired with Chelsea and it was a FANTASTIC experience. I'm loving her BLOG and she's so wonderfully creative and adventurous! I got her package today and I was so excited I think I might've jumped up and down a little bit.

You know your package is going to be good when you're roommate says "Oooh, you got something pretty today!" this tape is adorable! 

I got so many fun things! I was shocked to see so many little things wrapped up all cute! I got a postcard, seashells, key chain, little drawing (which now sits on my desk!) a sucker and some poppy seeds! (Which I have no idea how to grow, but I"m accepting the challenge!) 

My two favorite things in the box are a mix cd and her business card. I'm listening to the mix cd right now and I'm so blown away how similar our music taste is. It's almost perfect and I can tell that its going to be a permanent mix in our my car. Also how awesome is her business card. When I first was looking at it and holding it, all I could think was, yep this chick is pretty darn awesome. I'm officially saving my pennies so I can get something from her etsy shop

Ok, so as I'm writing this I'm starting to feel real crummy about myself. Mostly because I've her box all packed up ready to go and its staring at me my from my desk. I've yet to send it. Yes, I realize that this makes me a crummy pen pal AND it makes me one of those people that sign up for something and don't follow though! I don't want to be a pooper! So I hope I'm not totally banned from doing snail mail exchanges. I WILL get it sent by the end of the week. Which now saying that I realized that it is the end of the week. So BY THE END OF THE WEEKEND! sigh...

Well if you're not a pooper like me then head over the The Nectar Collective and sign up for August! I'm on the fence if I'm going to sign up because I feel real bad about being late. But maybe I'll have to sign up anyways just to challenge my self to be more prompt get stuff done ON TIME! 

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