List of thoughts...


Things that have been on my mind lately. 
1) Sunburns and disguising and painful AND I'm going to try to avoid them for the rest of my life! 
2) I can't believe its already AUGUST! 
3) I love when people make me feel special. It's rare, but I love it! 
4) I've to finish up those rolls of film from last weekend so I can get them developed. 
5) I need to start exercising more. 
6) Time is my enemy and I need to learn how to manage it better. 
7) Trying to figure out how to get my co-worker to actually work! 
8) Missing my older sister like crazy lately. I'm not sure why. 
9) The internet is making me fall in love with cats, yet again!
10) I want to start cooking more (helping Zo cook) so I'm on the hunt for some new recipes! 

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  1. Good luck with the number 7! Let me know if and when you find the solution to that ;)