Blogger Brooch!

A little while ago one of my favorite blogs/etsy shops, Stoic and Pariah, was doing a give away! Now I don't usually sign up for these things, but I've been wanting to buy on of her brooches for a long time. Just never saved the money. But then I got a email and I won the brooch! I about peed myself I was so excited. Especially cause I was having one of the crappiest days ever! So that I actually won something awesome was totally what I needed!


I love my brooch so much! I've only worn it once so far and totally felt like a classy blogger lady!  The craftsmanship is insane! You can totally tell its 100% unique and so much love put into it! So, go check our their BLOG, ETSY and like them on FACEBOOK!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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