Weekend Adventures.

Well I had lots planned to do this weekend, mostly just getting caught up on lil projects and some letters. But instead we went on a quick camping trip with the family! It was more like a mini camping trip because we only stayed one night. Which wasn't long enough I didn't want to leave. BUT we had to get back to work this week, so it goes.

This is an interesting camping trip to say the least. Seemed like things just weren't on our side. First off we got lost. Not too terribly lost and Dirk was quick to get us back on track. But none the less my nerves were all mucked up and my anxiety was really horrendous. After actually finding the lake we realized that none of us got information about what camp ground they were staying at. SO, this caused another stressful hour of wandering around trying to find our family.
(You know its bad when your lost and the driver hops outta the car to get better reception to try and locate where the hell you are)
Once we got there and pitched our tents in the dark, it was just enough time to have a good chat around the fire before trying to sleep a bit. Sleeping seemed to be more difficult then I had anticipated, it was uncomfortable and cold. Once morning came is was nice and HOT! Just spent the day wandering around the lake a bit and eating some junk food before hitting the road to come back home. 

My niece is getting so old so fast! She's almost a mini adult! Its crazy! 

Chapstick's first camping trip. She did surprisingly well considering she doesn't like people too much. BUT she does love catching and eating bugs.
There is one thing about Utah is that is can be pretty insanely beautiful when it wants too. 

 Oh yeah I almost forgot, I was a idiot and forgot to put on sunscreen and sat in the sun all afternoon. I don't think I have EVER been this sunburnt before. Its pretty much miserable and I can barely move with out it burning like hell. I guess I learned my lesson. I now am on a heavy does of aloe gel every hour trying to seek some relief. Any suggestions to help sun burn??

So I guess in all, getting lost (twice), pitching tents in the dark and getting extremely sunburnt I still had a great weekend hanging out with some of my favorite people. Although achy and exhausted this is gonna be a tough week. I need a weekend after my weekend! 

P.S. I finally got around to taking lots of pictures! Now I just need to get them developed! Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week! 

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