Photo blogs that I adore.

I've had a adoration for photography ever since Zoei got a me a lomography camera for christmas a while ago. Although since then I haven't really become a better photographer, just more obsessed and now have a bigger camera collection. But I still love photography and lomography and wanted to share a couple of my favorite photography blogs!

First! The Easily Distracted. The blog is run by the lovely Rhianne. She's super talented and I love her photos! I love that her section on cameras that she uses. Mostly because I love cameras and I love learning more about them so that I can decide what to buy next to add to my collection! The pros and cons of each camera is very handy! Needless to say I love her photos and I love her blog! Check it out and you'll for sure be inspired to go out and get a film camera.

Second! Antorra! This lovely blog is the photography goodness of Antonella Guarracino. (Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful her name is!) This is a recent blog that I've stumbled upon. Its my favorite to waste time during my lunch break and ooh and awwe over her photos. She also did THIS post on how do develop film at home. I've been wanting to try this for ever but I haven't found any instructions that weren't really intimidating. But after reading hers I totally feel like I can do it! I think its an awesome project to work on this fall. Her blog is also full of resources! It's definitely one that I'm going to read when ever I need some photo inspiration!

Phew! Enough ranting! Check out these lovely blogs and be inspired! I feel totally pumped to go out and take some photos! Even though most my photos end up unfocused with a finger in them, I still love it! I should focus and get better, but as long as I'm having fun right? Anyways, go grab a camera and take some photos!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh my, Remi. I'm blushing! Thank you so much for all your kind words but especially for finding my name beautiful. I was thinking of organising a think tank to find me an *artistic* name, one I could use when I go to places like Starbucks for instance. Could you believe that last week the till guy told me 'Is that your name, for real?'. Doh!
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. What?! I love your name, it flows so nicely and its unique! Have a peachy keen week as well!