Weekly Wishes #6

The Nectar Collective
I was a boob last week and didn't get around to participating in the weekly wishes shenanigans. But I was finally catching up on reading all my blogs that I love to read, but failed to last week. And I missed being a part of something! I think its hard to related to others wishes, when you aren't really making your own goals, if that makes any sense at all! Plus I failed miserably on my last few goals, so I was avoiding thinking about it. (Horrible, yes I know.) But I'm feeling optimistic this late monday night! So I'm giving it another go!

This weeks goals!

Read more! It has taken me AGES to get though this book that I"m reading. Not because its a bad book, but because I'm so lazy! I've also started watching all the Arrested Developments with my roommates, starting from the first season. Soooo, yeah...I really should STOP watching TV and pick up a book!!

Find new music to listen too! I'm officially stuck in a music rut, which sadly means all my creative juices stop flowing and I'm just NOT creative. But whenever I find new tunes to listen too I feel like I want to paint murals and send a pretty doodle to everyone on the planet! So, needless to say I need to find some new music to listen to so it hopefully gives me a lil' creative boost! What have you been listening to lately?

Finish up the roll of film in my camera. I took 2 cameras on our mini camping adventures and only finished up a half of roll on each. Why I didn't just use one camera is beyond me, not my smartest move. So now I need to take some pictures so I can get them developed! I'm crossing my fingers that I can find some photo worthy things this week! I've a feeling they are just gonna end up being photos of Zoei while she's talking. I'm not sure why but those are my favorite!

As always don't forge to to go to The Nectar Collective and spread some love and encouragement! Also click around! I'm finding soooo many awesome blogs from her weekly link up!

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