Out Going Mail!

I've had a very lazy weekend, but I'm glad that I got some of my correspondence taken care of! Something I've been lazy about these days. So here are my most recent envelopes! 

I've been trying out this new font. I kinda like, but found that it's way too time consuming! 

My new recent pass time at work is do to these repetitious patterns while listening to calls. I'm not sure if my boss would approve, but it sure does keep me sane. 

I still have a few more letters that I need to write and I'm hoping that I can get them done this week! It's been a while since I was all caught up! Also if you'd ever like a random little note in the mail, I'd love to send you one. Just go HERE and give me a place to send it! 

Hope you all have a successful week! 


  1. These are incredible! Love them all! :)

  2. So very pretty. I love your designs and I do love sending and receiving snail mail so I've followed the link!

    1. Yay! I'll get something sent out this week!

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