Blog Hops!

Now I'm not them most familiar with blog hops or link-ups, but I've found that the best way to find new blogs it by blog hops. So I always look out for them so I can find new similar blogs to read, but I haven't really participated in very many. I'd figure I'd put together a post together and share some of my recent hop findings! 

Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life
First off! Weekly Wednesday Blog Hop, I found though the lovely This Girls Life blog. Hers is one of my newest reads. Not my regular type of blog to follow, but I'm always trying to expand my horizons! 

Second! Friend connect! Now I just stumbled upon this one off of someones sidebar. I couldn't help but click on it cause "friend connect" is mighty catchy! I've yet to unearth the awesomeness that is The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife Blog, but I hope to soon! 

Last but not least! The Meet and Greet blog hop! I've been following Diary of a Dreamer for a while now, I found her though the weekly wishes. I just love how she writes. I haven't fully checked out the other co-host blogs but I'm sure they are just as awesome! 

I think thats about it! Today alone I've found 4 new blogs to read! Which isn't smart adding to my massive bloglovin' list. But I just can't help it! Too many blogs not enough time!! 

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