Ramblings about Frida Kahlo

Ever since I first learned about Frida Kahlo in an art history class she has been one of my heros. She is one of the only artists that can make me cry just by looking at one of her paintings  She had a way to convey such intense emotions in her paintings. I remember looking at THIS image and dissecting it in class and feeling my heart swell up in my chest and just being overcome by the power of her art work.

Not only was she an amazing artist but was just a strong human being. I could sit here and ramble on about her life and facts about her, but that might be a little bit boring. But if you don't know much about her I highly recommend reading about her life. She is a fascinating women, to say the least. Sometimes when I feel like my life is a little rough I just think about her. I think about all the troubles she had and how she was able to over come them or at the very least deal with them gracefully. I always think to myself, if Frida was here she'd kick your ass and tell you to be a strong women! Theres no doubt that she had her demons and challenges. She created paintings wrapped up in surrealist symbolism to show us the pain, sorrows and uniqueness that her life held. That's a powerful thing to be able to share so much emotion through a painting.

I was reading about how they opened a little museum with all of Frida's clothes and belongings.  It remind me how much I loved Frida Kahlo. Visting this museum is definitely on my list of thing to do before I get too old. The dresses look so beautiful and unique just like she was. She is an iconic hero in my mind. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would agree.


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