New Years Resolutions.

I know that New Years resolutions are a bit silly. But it's because of the new year that I've started this new blog! I'll admit that 2012 was a tricky year for me. So I'm determined to turn everything around in 2013! I'm starting off with this list!

1) Be more healthy.
Ok, so I know that being healthy and losing weight is on EVERYONES new years resolutions lists. Normally it just bugs me because I mean, let's be more original people. Luckily for me I kinda like my weight and all my chubbiness. I've grown to be happy with my size over the years. But this year is a bit different all because of a mint green dress. For christmas I bought myself a lovely dress and I got my usual size and it normally would have fit, but alas it didn't. I suppose that it is the holiday season and that means eating extra sweets and goodies. I've got to tell you not being able to pull up that zipper I almost died! It is the cutest green dress that has my name written all over it! So one of my goals is to fit that beautiful dress that is just sitting in my closet taunting me!

2) Take more pictures of myself.
I've never been photogenic. I mean every once in a while someone will snap a good one of me. But most of the time I see peoples cameras and my stomach sinks. I've found that the only way to get good pictures is to be confidant about it. Face the camera head on and hope for the best! So the best way I can think of getting use to that, is to take more pictures of myself. Most pictures I take now get deleted. But my sister made a good point, how will I know what I looked like when I was young once I get older. So this year I'm having no shame and getting myself into as many photos as my stomach can handle!

3) Get out of the house more/talk to more people
I'm a bit antisocial. Ok, I'm VERY antisocial.. So even just making small talk with strangers is a challenge for me. But I like to think that as the years pass, I'm getting increasingly better at it all. Although this past year I've seen my sister (Zoei) come out of her shell like crazy! So I figured I need to step it up a few notches and make it a conscious effort to get out there! I've spent too many weekends just being a lazy bum. But not this year!!

4) Write more/ draw more/ share more art and not be afraid of criticism 
I've always loved art and I've always been OK at most artistic things. I do believe that if I applied myself and put myself out there then I could actually be fairly successful. I just don't like sharing my art. That sounds really odd, but I get so embarrassed for some reason when show someone a drawing. I really think it's my anxiety about being criticized. This is exactly why I'm starting this blog! So I can share my art with the lovelies of the internet! Hopefully this will build my confidence and give me a tougher skin!

5) Learn how to bar chords on the ukulele
I've spent outrageous amounts of time teaching myself how to play the ukulele. I love it! I love singing songs to myself and spending weekends locked up in my room trying to learn something new. I've never been able to bar chords. This limits me greatly. So this year I'm paying special attention to teaching myself how to bar chords. I'm not going to cheat and use the wrong fingers like I do now!!

6) Be positive!
I'm notorious in my family for being a negative Nancy. I must admit, I've a knack for highlighting the negative in life. So this year I'm going to be more positive! Because lets face it, positive people are more fun to be around.

7) Blog more consistently/ be organized
I always go through phases where I love blogging and do it daily then won't do it for months. So this year I'm going to be organized and think ahead about my posts! I want to make updating this blog a part of habit. I think that starting out with the fresh new year is the perfect way to start! Staring things off on the right foot!

Phew! This post turned into a longer post then I thought! I have high hopes for 2013! I think I'm at the point in my life where a project like this is just what I need. It's something personal, creative and motivating! I've been feeling a bit lost with my life lately, hopefully somehow this year I can get back on track.


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