Ramblings about Joni Mitchell

I've always been aware of Joni Mitchell. Growing up the name floated around, like most good artists do. Our family has a way to being knowledgeable about music. Being in love with the Practical Magic soundtrack at a young age, Joni's song A Case Of You is one of my all time favorites. I still try to sing those incredibly high notes every single time and it sounds horrible! But that's why you just make sure you listen to it loudly so no one can tell.

But it's not until recently that I've rediscovered the amazingness that her music has to offer. Her sound is so totally unique inlaced with poetic lyrics. The more I listen and read about her the more I become fascinated by her. When I read she first started out learning how to play the baritone ukulele, I knew something deeper in her music was going on and I needed to listen closer. I've been reading quite a bit about her, THIS is one of my favorites I've found. I also read that she has over a dozen different ways of tuning her guitar to compensate for a weaker left hand. Which makes sense why she sounds unique, because she is being 100% original. On top of it all she's just an amazing writer. Singer song writers, especially female, strike something madness in my soul for some reason. I love her lyrics so much because they can have multiple meanings to who ever is listening to the song. That is how you know you've got something golden. When everyone can feel it, relate and understand in there own personal way. Which is something powerful.

Now I still have tons of her music to listen too. I feel like I've just begun digesting all that it has to offer.  I always love to listen, re-listen, think then over think and let it sink into my soul. Thats something beautiful about music isn't it?



  1. Lovely blog!! I found you via the blog hop! :)

  2. Seems like I should totally listen to more of her music!