Little bit of updating!

I've been quite the busy little bee this weekend! I finally got around to adding some new buttons on my side bar. So now you can click around a bit more to see specific kinda posts you may enjoy. I also updated all my social media icons. I've added on twitter and flickr links. I'm still getting the hang of the whole twitter thing. It's been a bit more of a learning curve then I would have liked. But I'm sticking with it! Mostly because it seems like a good tool if you can figure out how to use it!

I've also created a signature on the bottom of my posts! I think it make is look a little bit more fancy. And yes, I did end up writing my name about 100 times and they all ended up looking similar! Did you ever practice your signature when you were little? I'll be honest I still do sometimes. I always wanted one of those hard to read signatures that seem very artsy!

(This is Dusty Moots the yellow bear. Lover of people who happen to read my blog.)
AND on top of it all I've added a lil bear on the side bar and as my favicon! Isn't he cute! His name is Dusty Moots and hes loves everyone. (especially you) I was going to put a picture of me there, but then every time I refreshed the page I just saw myself peering back at me. So the bear was a better choice. Although I'm trying to get better at taking pictures of myself, which is a new years resolution of mine. So I added a picture to my about page!  I've also made a little dusty moots blog button! You can find it down near the bottom on the side bar!

Anyways, I hope Monday treats you well!

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