My darling you leave me cold.

I'm officially counting down the days until its sunny and warm.  The cold and I normally get along just fine but this cold has taken it to a whole new level. Everything feels frozen all the time. Even when the sun does come out to say hello just a little bit in the day the cold is there to smother any happiness that it might bring. I usually love the winter. I enjoy bundeling up and being all cozy but lately I'm bundeling up and my toes are still cold. One thing I hate is cold toes. I don't remember winters being this harsh. So for now I'm continuing to wish for sunshine and going to start wearing mulitple pairs of socks.

On a side note. My sister Zoei and I are currently in the midst of attempts to eat more healthy. Which for now consists of weird colored smoothes, but more on that later. Also I've survived my first weeks of working a full time job!  Since now I've always been a part-timer kinda girl. I know you're thinking, what took you so long and welcome to the real world. I like to think I'm adjusting well. I guess only time will tell. I'm also really happy with myself that I've been maintaining my goal of consistant blogging despite my new absense of downtime. Just learning to keep organized is all. Aside from being a bit sleepy life is going well!

Bundle up lovelies, it's cold out.

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