Summer Dreaming

I love using film cameras. Although I always get lazy and forget to develop my film. So I'll send in a few random rolls at a time. By the time I get it developed I totally forget what was on that roll. In a way it makes is like a fun surprise! I definitely go tripping down memory lane once I get my photos back. Especially on a day like today, when the air is bad and it's just so cold, it's fun to flip through summer photos. I'm missing the days when you had to worry about putting on sunscreen and sweating through your tank top. Now I'm worried that the cold chill will freeze my bones or slip on ice and break my bum. (Is that possible to break your bum?) Anyways, I wanted to share some summer photos on this chilly January day.

These were all taken with my Holga. She's a 35mm little lovely. I can't remember what kinda film I used. I should really get better and tracking this kinda stuff. You can see the rest of the roll on my FLICKR!


 I'm such a sucker for double exposures! That has to be my favorite feature of Miss Holga!

 This has to be one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. We were walking and LC, my niece saw a snake. Needless to say it upset her a bit. I can't wait until she's a teenager and I whip out this gem to embarrass her!

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