Failed Photo Project

So I few months back I had this idea to do a photo challenge project. Which you can read about HERE! Well my success wasn't too great. I sent out 4 cameras to my snail mail buddies and I only got one back. I believe one got dropped in a pool, one left on the bus and one got lost in the mail. (So I'm hoping that someday it might magically pop up in my mail box, a girl can hope right?) Even though the project was a bit of a fail I wanted to share the photos anyways.  There is something really fun about getting mysterious photos developed. Like all photography its interesting to think about what the person was thinking about as they were taking the photo. Ok, so maybe i'm thinking way too much into it. But in the end I got some really awesome photos so it's not a complete bust.  You can see the all the photos from this camera on my FLICKR! 

PS: These photos were taking by my pen pal David and you can find his lovely mail art blog HERE! 

This has to be my favorite from the entire roll. I love everything about it. Awkward angle and all! 

I'm not sure why but over half the photos I got developed have these weird lines thought out them. (Any one know what would cause this??) I'm hoping that it was issue with the scanning and not the film. I'm still waiting for the film to come back to see if they ended up being on the prints as well. 

I can't tell if this is a reflection in water or looking up at the sky. The mystery of the photo makes it my second favorite. 

I think I need to add this to my list of places to visit before I get too old to enjoy it. 

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