Little Paintings

As I sat down to start cleaning off my desk I quickly got distracted by a pile of paints and some scraps of paper. So instead of cleaning off my desk and getting organized I made these little paintings instead. Which I might add was way more fun then cleaning! They are all about 2X3 inches and I use acrylic paints and a sharpie. I've always had this weird thing for flowers. I think mostly because at a young age they were easy for me to draw. I would draw flowers on everything and probably frustrated my art teachers with only wanting to draw flowers. I've this nasty habit of only wanting to things I'm good at. It probably goes along with my fear of being wrong. I would actually not answer a question if there is a slight possibility that I might be wrong. Silly, I know. Its something I'm working on. Anyways, enough rambling...these little paintings are going to some lucky strangers in the mail! Well, once I clean off my desk and get caught up on my correspondence. 

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