Barely on time.

A little bit ago I did THIS post about the sketchbook project. I'm glad to say that I did get it finished in time and sent off! Although I really would have liked to spend more time on it. But that's totally my fault for not being more on top of things. There's always next time right? The theme I had was photo log and I felt a little funny cause there weren't any photos in my sketchbook. I did use photos a ton though to draw from and had some quotes from my favorite female photographers though out the whole thing. But still adding some photos probably would have been a good idea. Anyways, here are a couple of pages that I didn't share in my last post about my sketchbook. Like I said before I'm excited to be a part of a spectacular project! One of these days I will make my way to the Brooklyn to the sketchbook library and just spend a whole day digging through sketchbooks! 



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